Responsibly Produced Peat

EPAGMA members decided to support the establishment of a certification system for responsibly produced peat (RPP) for growing media applications.

The initiative was encouraged by the Dutch Government and resulted from fruitful discussion and cooperation between EPAGMA, the International Peat Society (IPS) and the Dutch Growing Media Producers Organisation (VPN). The criteria and certification system are being developed in close cooperation with Wetlands International. It is EPAGMA’s objective to achieve that the certification of responsibly produced peat will become the industry’s standard approach to peatlands extraction in the future.

The system will lay down requirements from site-selection till after-use, which are established in consultation with various stakeholders and organisations (GM producers, environmental NGOs, growing media users and scientists). The certification will be undertaken by independent certification institutes.

In its sustainability agenda, EPAGMA committed to continuing its support for the establishment of a certification scheme for responsibly produced peat for growing media with the aim of certifying the first peat production sites by the latest in 2015. EPAGMA will also set targets for increasing the number of peat production sites certified in the beginning of 2016.

The Growing Media Sector Group coordinates EPAGMA’s contributions to RPP, representing the association in the RPP Board.