Sustainability Agenda

In 2013, EPAGMA released its Sustainability Agenda, which is the result of work carried out in the course of 2013 and builds on previous responsible use initiatives undertaken by the association.

The Sustainability Agenda sets out the priority areas identified by EPAGMA as important for future actions as well as a set of two first commitments that our members will strive to achieve within these areas. EPAGMA commits to communicate on its efforts under the current areas of work and the review of new priority areas.

This roadmap is a living document, which will go through continuous updates in the future. We believe this is only the first step towards a more sustainable development of our business. In this regard, we welcome your comments and further suggestions on our roadmap. Please direct any comments to Julia Riss (, EPAGMA Secretariat at Burson-Marsteller which acts as the Secretariat of the Association, located in Brussels.

November 2014: Update on activities undertaken in 2014

As announced in the agenda, EPAGMA will communicate on its activities on an annual basis. The 2014 communication document serves to report on the progress made since the publication, highlight the areas where further work needs to be undertaken as well as outline the next steps. In 2015, EPAGMA members will start a new review process to understand whether and which further commitments can be added to the sustainability agenda, based on the priority areas identified in the sustainability agenda: transport, job stability/security and security of raw material and energy supply.

Please click below to download the Sustainability Roadmap and the 2014 Communication on the progress to date.


Download Sustainability Roadmap , Download 2014 Sustainability Communication
EPAGMA 10th Anniversary
EPAGMA celebrates its 10th anniversary!

November 2014

In 2014, the European Peat and Growing Media Association (EPAGMA) celebrates its 10th Anniversary. In one decade, EPAGMA has become the largest trade association representing the growing media and peat industry in Europe. A broader representation of members across the European Union and the recent integration of associate members (national associations), have reinforced the presence and activities of our SME company members in the capital of Europe. Our mission remains ambitious to ensure a sustainable business model providing growth, competitiveness and value for the future. For this very special occasion, our association is inviting European policy makers, industry and civil society to participate in our anniversary event in the European Parliament. Hosted by Vice-President of the European Parliament, Mairead McGuinness, several panels of experts will be debating about two fundamental challenges for the industry:

  1. The adoption of a legislative framework to harmonise the growing media legislation in Europe;
  2. The on-going evolution and progress of the EPAGMA sustainability agenda launched in 2013.

Other topics will be presented including the certification scheme for responsible peatlands, organic farming legislation and transparency of the energy peat sector. The discussions will be followed by a cocktail reception

EPAGMA is looking forward to celebrating this moment, but would also like to take this anniversary as an opportunity to discuss with all interested stakeholder the way forward for the industry to ensure a sustainable development of the business.EPAGMA Chairman Norbert Siebels affirmed that: “EPAGMA’s 10th year anniversary does not represent a final destination but a new starting point for our members. In ten years, we managed to strengthen our voice across Europe and defined a clear programme for the future. Extending our membership and enhancing cooperation among different members were key success factors. We did it by adapting our agenda, mind-set and resources to the most important challenge of the future: the sustainability of our business”.

EPAGMA Local Fuels Site Visit, Helsinki
The importance of local fuels – Site visit

August 2014

On 23 and 24 July 2014, EPAGMA, in cooperation with the Finnish Energy Industries, the Finnish Bioenergy Association, Keravan Energia Oy, and Vapo Oy, organised its first Energy Peat Site Visit in and around Helsinki, Finland.

The programme of the site visit offered EPAGMA members and external stakeholders an excellent platform to exchange views and best practises in relation to the production and use of local energy in Europe. The site visit attracted nearly 25 participants who toured and heard presentations from local entrepreneurs and energy specialists.

The agenda included a wood fuel logging site, a peat production site, a visit to the Kerava Combined Heat and Power Plant and a closing dinner featuring a keynote speech from Mrs Päivi Janka, Deputy Director General from the energy department at the Finish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Participants discussed the efficiency and competitiveness of local fuels and learned about technical and quality aspects of forest and peat fuels.

As an example, participants got to witness how the quality of the run-off water from peat production and its effect on the downstream watercourse is monitored regularly. Participants were shown the water samples, which are taken from the run-off water from peat production areas and from the watercourse downstream of the production area – streams and lakes.

Finally, EPAGMA presented its draft Energy Peat Transparency Communication in which the organisation defines five guiding principles and three specific commitments to be implemented by EPAGMA’s energy peat members by the end of 2016. The Communication was welcomed by participants as a timely step forward in providing an open dialogue on the extraction of peat for energy purposes and the connected issues such as community engagement, site selection, after use and R&D. EPAGMA will publish the final Communication towards the end 2014.

EPAGMA would like to thank its partners (Finnish Energy Industries, the Finnish Bioenergy Association, Keravan Energia Oy), the local host (Vapo Oy) and all the participants who made the first edition of the energy peat Site Visit an unbelievable success!

Programme is available below.

Download Site Visit Prgramme