EPAGMA Energy Sector Group organises conference in Tallinn Estonia Wednesday 30 September 2015
Gerald Schmilewski, Chair of EPAGMA’s Growing Media Sector Group, honoured for work on horticultural science

At the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) Symposia “SUSGRO 15” in Vienna, Gerald Schmilewski, Chair of EPAGMA’s Growing Media Sector Group was presented with the ISHS medal for his contribution to both the ISHS and International Pealand Society (IPS) horticultural advancement of science over the last twenty five years.

This recognition is a tribute to the outstanding work which Gerald has undertaken over the last years and is continuing to do so. Gerald has over the years reported on specific scientific issues of relevance to this sector and has driven forward data collection and representation of the horticultural industry towards a wide range of stakeholders, such as national governments as well as EU regulators.

The ISHS is an international organisation devoted to the advancement of horticultural science, and focuses amongst other topics, on growing media. The IPS is a non-governmental and a non-profit-making organisation aimed at fostering the study of peatlands, mires and peat.

More information on ISHS and IPS can be found here: and

Registration open for 50th German Torf- and Humustag (DTHT)

On 15 October, the 50th German Torf-und Humustag (DTHT) will take place in Bad Zwischenahn. The event is organised by the German Industry association for Garden Products (IVG) and will be visited by a wide range of representatives from the industry. In its anniversary year, the keynote speaker will be Jürgen Mertz, President of the German Horticultural Association (ZVG) who will cover the topic ‘Growing Media for horticulture – responsible and future-proof’. Further speakers include:

  • Jürgen Günther and Dr. Axel Precker, who will focus on the different developments in the former German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Anja Kirig, Zukunftsinstitut and Dr. Susanne Eichholz-Klein, Institute for trade research (IFH) will discuss ‘Green everywhere: How the Peat and Humus industry can participate in the megatrend Neo-Ecology’ and ‘Responsibility within the Green-Market – an analysis from a consumer perspective’ respectively
  • Bernd Hofer, Hofer & Pautz GbR, will give an insight on the development of the label “Responsibly Produced Peat”
  • Ulrike Saal, Center for Wood Science of the University of Hamburg will discuss the availability of wooden materials and give an overview of the material flows
  • Thilo Lehmann, Lehmann-UMT GmbH, will give a presentation on the technical aspects of wood-fiber extrusion.

For registration, please visit