Growing Media Sector Group

Growing medium is a material in which plants are grown
Gerald Schmilewski
Coordinator of the Growing Media Sector Group

The ‘Growing Media’ Sector Group’s main purpose is to provide information and technical expertise on the use of growing media products in Europe. Driven by a group of experts from EPAGMA member companies, this sector group is responsible for the coordination of common positions, the dissemination of scientific information, the provision of technical information on the use of growing media, and the assessment of regulatory developments in relation to the sector.

This group also monitors European legislation and provides information to policy makers on the industry and the use of growing media in horticulture. The growing media sector group coordinates its work with EPAGMA members companies and associate members in order to ensure a European single voice for the industry. More recently, the group has supported EPAGMA’s work as an observer in the Fertiliser Working Groups, providing technical expertise in the context of the European Commission’s plans for a proposal on the harmonisation of growing media legislation. Further topics of relevance for the sector group are organic farming, eco-labels for growing media, and the voluntary certification initiative called “Responsibly Produced Peat”.

More information about growing media, their benefits and role in horticultural production can be found in the subsections of this page.