Peat provides electricity and heat to local communities across Europe
Jaakko Silpola
Coordinator of the Energy from Peatland Sector Group

The ‘Energy from Peatland’ Sector Group’s main purpose is to promote the role of energy peat as a critical indigenous and local energy source in Europe. Driven by a group of member experts, this sector group is responsible for the coordination of common positions, the dissemination of scientific information, the organisation of public events and the assessment of technical and regulatory issues affecting the entire European industry. This group also monitors European and national legislation and works together with policy makers to promote a strategic, responsible and sound-economic policy for the industry.

Since 2012, this sector group has benefited from the active support of national associations that have contributed to frame a European single voice for the industry. More recently, the group has dedicated enormous efforts and resources to conduct independent scientific research in order to promote increased transparency and a roadmap towards a more sustainable development of energy peat in Europe. Security of supply, transparency, climate, end use land use and after-use possibilities have been identified as the most relevant challenges for the industry.

More information about energy peat, its uses and its role as local energy source can be found in the subsections of this page.